3 Feing Shui Tips that Enhance Your Curb Appeal

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Interior designers and homeowners alike know how ancient Chinese philosophy can introduce balance and harmony to one’s living space. The tenet of feng shui is a popular concept that strives to bring out positive energy using decor, giving your home a safer, warmer, and friendlier feel. 

Seeing as it’s all about setting a good impression, it makes sense to apply feng shui to your outdoor decor too. The idea is to establish a synergy between the five elements - water, earth, fire, wood, and metal - which means incorporating these components can boost your curb appeal in more ways than one. 

A house that looks good on the outside not only grabs attention, but it can also attract prosperity and good fortune. With that in mind, here are some tips to consider to incorporate feng shui and improve your outdoor design:

Tip #1: Focus on Beautifying Your Front Door 

The front door acts as the primary portal that invites energy into your home, so be sure to use design elements that attract positive attention to your space. 

Using a bright and bold color scheme such as red, for example, can symbolize passion and bring good luck to your doorsteps. 

Opting for big, eye-catching house numbers or minimalist mailboxes can also attract good energy, particularly since it makes your home easy to spot. 

Tip #2: Improve the Landscape by Adding Plants and Flowers

Surrounding the front yard with verdant bushes, colorful blooms, and vibrant plantings can add exciting, visual contrast to your home’s exterior. The eye-catching greenery can make lawns look inviting, making flower power an excellent addition that raises your home’s vitality. 

The best feng shui should point you to add bushes and grasses in the front for a lush beginning, while seasonal and colorful potted plants can help frame the entrance. Avoid adding pointy plants like cactuses by the door as it can summon painful memories and feelings. 

Tip #3: Choose Warm and Inviting Colors For Your Home’s Exterior Paint Job

Beyond the cleanliness of your front landscaping, the color scheme of your home’s exterior walls can also impact your feng shui. Seeing as the goal is to cultivate positive energy, opting for warmer hues should help set an inviting tone to your home. 

Keep in mind that feng shui prioritizes harmony above all, so be sure the color scheme is cohesive with the neighborhood, your flowers, plants, and your exterior’s overall decor. 

The Bottom Line: Using Chinese-inspired Practices to Create a Cosmetic Balance For Your Home

Feng shui encourages people to arrange an environment that cultivates warmth and happiness, particularly by creating a perfect balance between the layout, furnishing, color, landscaping, and more. When done right, not only will it boost your curb appeal, but it can also ensure a peaceful home living that is deeply connected with the natural world. 

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