Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Times:

Because we customize each order, average shipping times run from 10-15 days, but often will be delivered sooner.

How do I hang my new product?

Our products attach to the wall on 2 keyhole brackets, one on the top and one on the bottom for extra support. The nail or screw you need will depend on your home’s siding, and can be bought at any local hardware store.

The numbers are magnetic...will they move when I don’t want them to?

Our 4" numbers are anodized aluminum magnets that won’t get blown around by storms. Now if you have a pesky local address number thief...we suggest you tell them they should find a more lucrative career.

How do your products hold up to the elements?

Our powder-coated finish ensures our products will stay rust-free for years to come, and is extremely fade-resistant. However, we do recommend hanging your Curb Appeal Planter out of direct sunlight to avoid damage from those cosmic rays.

How should I handle the increased attention and compliments I’ll be receiving after I hang my Post and Porch products?

This one’s tough, but we suggest graciously accepting with a humble smile and, if the situation permits, a small curtsy.