5 FREE Curb Appeal Hacks You Can Do THIS Weekend

We get it. With all the craziness the whole world has been experiencing the last few months, budgets are tight. Many people are making cuts to their normal expenses. Still, spring is here! Summer will be upon us soon and we don’t want your house to be caught looking drab when the sun is here to stay. Use this list as a guide to making your home shine as is, for $FREE.99.


1. Power Wash

Oh, how quickly the years go by. Before we know it, our porches, walkways, driveway, and siding can acquire a thick layer of dirt and grime. Just like your nosy sister-in-law will, of course, notice the weight you’ve gained since last year’s reunion, neighbors and friends will likely notice this build-up of dirt on your home more easily than you will. The solution? A weekend power wash. Spend a couple hours going over the front and sides of your home, as well as blasting the dirt from your driveway, porch, and walkways. If you’ve never used a power washer before, check out this easy-to-follow guide by Family Handyman.


2. Clean your windows

Much like your driveway, your windows accumulate dirt from the air and rain, and it piles up over time. Eventually you can be left with dingy windows that block light and leave your home looking old and out-of-date. Instead of spending hundreds paying someone to wash your windows, you can use household items to remove dirt on your own. Check out these instructions from Bob Vila.


3. Catch up on lawn care


This is one we all know, but here’s a reminder. In addition to a simple mowing, put in a little extra effort to trim your hedges, weed the flower beds, and edge the sidewalk. As much as anything you can buy, this simple sweat equity makes your home look put together. It’s time well spent. For tips, check out this comprehensive guide to backyard cleanup and lawn care from Maidforyou.

4. Clean your gutters

Make sure your gutters are spic ‘n span. Clean out any leaves, twigs, balls, toys, small animals, and any other debris that is cluttering up them rain catchers. Your gutters can be a picturesque frame for your roof when looking their best, so jump on a ladder and scrub the outside too! This will get rid of grime that makes your gutters look dingy. Be careful up there though!

5. Declutter

Finally, do some good old cleanin’ up. In the rush of work, chauffeuring kids, making dinner, and mandatory me-time, some things get left where they shouldn’t, or stored where “you’ll get it later.” A crowd favorite is the garden hose strewn across the lawn (a close second is the plastic trike in the driveway). While it may seem like a small thing, taking the time to pick up the loose odds and ends in the visible parts of your yard and driveway makes a big difference. Sometimes decluttering even means getting rid of stuff you don’t need or just don’t use. Old lawn furniture, rusty tools, and damaged hoses might be better off at the dump than in the shed. Check out this post from The Spruce for more ideas!


Sometimes when we hear the phrase “curb appeal,” we think “not in the budget.” Been there? Us too. But with a little elbow grease on a Saturday, you can do a lot for your home without spending a dime! Get the family together this weekend and try some of these tips, and show us the results! And don’t forget to share with us on Instagram and Facebook, we love seeing your beautiful homes :) Until next time -- stay unique!

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