3 Ways to Make Your Backyard Look and Feel Cozy

3 Ways to Make Your Backyard Look and Feel Cozy

A nice backyard can be a focal point of family entertainment and gatherings and function as an extension of your home. Backyards can be a source of enjoyment and a place to escape when it's time to unwind.

Some backyards are little more than lawn and a few chairs. Fortunately, to make them inviting alternatives to the living room takes just a bit of love and attention. What better time than now to start? Everyone should have a backyard they run to, not from. 

So, after clearing out all of the weeds and unappealing furniture, it's time to create the yard you desire. And it does not take a lot of money or time to get one. Read below to find out three of our favorite small backyard design ideas to create a cozy refuge.


Let your backyard be the place where the grass is always greener. Improving the landscaping of your yard is an instant upgrade. In general, backyard landscaping beautifies the any small space and can provide shade and privacy. A small outdoor space that no one can peer into adds an intimate feeling of seclusion. Pro tip: Use natural barriers such as thick bushes, tall shrubs, hedges, or even bamboo to shield the ground space. 

Another cozy backyard landscaping idea is to decorate with potted plants or a flower garden. Most greenery can be found in the garden or a home improvement store. Regardless, potted plants around the sitting area will help the backyard design feel cozier. 


After defining the seating area with an outdoor rug, a small table, and potted plants, create time to work on the seating design. Choose relaxing patio furniture that allows family and guests to get up-close and comfortable. Fewer pieces of outdoor furniture are as comfortable as a hammock.

However, a better option is a cocoon hammock, as it is more practical yet still lends to a relaxing atmosphere. However, many homeowners choose traditional outdoor chairs and love sofas. When so, accessorizing is key to a cozy look and feel. So, add a lot of outdoor pillows (you can never have enough) and a couple of throws.  


For maximum coziness, never doubt the power of good lighting and water features. 

Although every home could benefit from lighting, you do not need a complete light system to create coziness in a small backyard. Simple lights such as outdoor lanterns and string lights inexpensively produce soft light and a sense of outdoor coziness.

Also, when adding relaxation to the backyard, think water. Why? The sight and sounds of water have documented calming and soothing effects. However, if you do not have the budget for a grand feature like a pool, smaller, more affordable options include fountains, birdbaths, or a small pond near the garden bed. The sound of trickling water or birds splashing will relax the soul and enlarge the feel of limited space. 

Hopefully, the above three tips shed light on ways to make your backyard look and feel cozy. Give them a try and get ready to enjoy your new comfy oasis!

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