A How-To Guide in Boosting Your Neighborhood’s Curb Appeal

A How-To Guide in Boosting Your Neighborhood’s Curb Appeal

Maintaining your home's curb appeal isn't as challenging as boosting your neighborhood's curb appeal. The latter is a whole different story. 

When you're maintaining your home's curb appeal, simple gardening, touching up some paint, fixing your lighting fixtures, repainting your door, and replacing your mounted mailbox and other elements might do the job. But if your home is the only one in the community with an aesthetically pleasing curb, it might still mess up with your home's value. 

So the best way to have an appealing curb is to make sure your whole community is on the same train. It can sound a bit intimidating to deal with improving your neighbor's curb appeal, but the results are fantastic, and it can improve the quality of your neighborhood as well. 

Don't worry! You don't have to do it alone, and you can ask for help from your community's Homeowners Association. If you're ready to give your neighborhood's curb appeal a bit of a boost, you've come to the right place. Here are some things you can do to improve your community's curb appeal. 

1. Maintain your neighborhood’s streets

Driving through a well-maintained neighborhood will immediately give you positive vibes about the place. You'll instantly think that it's a great place to live, and you'll believe that living there has greater value than most neighborhoods. 

A great way to do this is to partner with your HOA to maintain your community's aesthetics. They can do this by requiring annual fees that will help with the upkeep and maintenance of the streets as well as replace street signs and lighting fixtures. 

2. Tidy up the streets

When your community has an abundance of greenery, you'll sometimes have to deal with dried fallen leaves. And when these leaves pile up, it can ruin the appearance of your neighborhood. 

What you can do to deal with this is to set up a spring cleanup with the other residents and even make an event out of it by providing snacks and free food. Doing a neighborhood-wide cleanup is a great way to improve camaraderie among neighbors. 

While you're at it, you can also use this time to share community guidelines related to exterior home appearances, like landscaping and home decorations. 

3. Pay attention to the small details

What's the use of having clean and well-maintained streets if houses ignore home exterior details? One of the most important things you need to remember when you're improving your home and neighborhood's curb appeal is to not forget the small details. 

When we talk about small details, we mean your mounted mailbox, house numbers, garden, exterior home decorations, and more. These elements add to the feel and vibe of your neighborhood, and if they aren't well-maintained and taken care of, they can reduce the curb appeal of your community. 

So once you start seeing signs of deterioration and some of your home’s exteriors need replacement, it's best to remedy this right away. With that, you should also work with the HOA to remind other residents to maintain proper upkeep in their homes. 


Having an aesthetically pleasing home is one thing, but imagine if your whole neighborhood gets on that train with you. Other towns and communities will definitely be impressed! By following these tips, encouraging other residents to cooperate, replacing broken mounted mailboxes, fixing the landscaping of your home, and tidying up, you'll be able to boost the curb appeal of your neighborhood and make the area the perfect place to live in!

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