Backyard Makeover on a Budget? Here are Some Dos and Don'ts

Backyard Makeover on a Budget? Here are Some Dos and Don'ts

A beautiful backyard can be the heart of a home, while a drabby one can be an eyesore—and possibly lower home value. A backyard space should be a place of solitude, gatherings, and family fun.

If your yard is not a refuge, then it may be time for a backyard makeover.

Perhaps you think that a backyard makeover is expensive. Not necessarily. You can create an oasis of solitude without spending a fortune. Look below for some dos and don'ts of cheap backyard makeover ideas.

  • Do update the porch.

A great porch makeover is one of the best ways to add home value, but you don't need to invest in a new one. Instead, update an existing porch and watch your yard design pop out! This could mean expanding the patio or refreshing it with fresh paint, especially if you want your front yard living space to match the rest of your home decor. Or, consider jazzing up the patio area with a stylish outdoor rug and some potted plants. Spruce up the porch’s seating area by adding new chairs or adorning old ones with plush cushions and throw pillows.

  • Do add greenery

Adding plants can be a great way to add luxury to any front- or backyard space. Plants add life and color and are versatile in so many ways.

For example, a great garden can be a yard focal point, and the right placement of plants can add privacy. Furthermore, plants can create a beautiful living wall or covering, especially when properly watered and mulched.

Add flowers here and there, especially those that complement the backyard or your home's color palette. Also, remember to purchase perennials as they help save money in the long run.

  • Do use rocks

Strategically placed rocks (or faux rocks) and positioning boulders can uplevel the look of any garden. Furthermore, consider creating a garden path with stepping stones, as stone pathways are an easy way to lend a more upscale feel to a front- or backyard.

Not sure where to start? Consider an authentic touch by placing rocks around the fire pit, or carve a stone path for easy flower bed access.

  • Don't forget a budget

You may be excited by all the makeover ideas above and are ready to head to the home improvement store. But wait. The cost of home makeovers, even small backyard ones, can add up quickly.

Making a budget that you keep will stop overspending. So, set your budget in advance. You may be surprised that you don't have to spend big to have a successful backyard makeover project.

  • Don't overlook lighting.

Lighting often gets overlooked, yet proper outdoor lighting is essential to beautiful backyard aesthetics. Lighting accentuates the positives of both large and small backyards (like the landscaping) and can provide a cozy feel and ambiance.

Also, lighting comes in all types. You can drape string lights, or you could line your patio or garden pathway with lanterns, etc. Places to light include water features, changes in elevation (safety and style), outdoor pallet furniture, mailboxes, and trees and other plants.

A stunning backyard renovation does not have to shock your wallet to awe you and your guests. Having one can be as simple as including a few upgrades and implementing design techniques.

When looking to makeover your backyard, try out some of the money-saving dos and don'ts above. A DIY backyard makeover on a budget can be simple and inexpensive, but can still turn a basic backyard into an outdoor haven.

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