Five Ways to Uplevel a Home's Curb Appeal

Five Ways to Uplevel a Home's Curb Appeal

We’ve discussed the importance of curb appeal and some of the most visible methods to increase it in a few steps. We gave tips such as maintaining and repaving pathways, dressing up the front porch, and installing complementary lighting. However, everything can be improved—even good curb appeal.

Keep reading to discover five easy ways to uplevel a home's good curb appeal and turn it great.

  • Focus on the front door
  • Drawing attention to the front door is an easy way to improve curb appeal. Upgrading a front door includes: applying a fresh coat of paint, cleaning and polishing its metal, and adding front door decor.

    However, purchase a custom door to make a grand entrance. Then add molding to it so the front door can pop.

  • Makeover the mailbox
  • Homeowners often overlook mailboxes when improving a home's front exterior. However, replacing an existing one with a well-mounted mailbox easily adds curb appeal. Furthermore, a new mailbox with custom numbers instantly adds pizzazz.

    You can also encase your mailbox in brick or surround it with a small flowering garden to scale up the front yard.

  • Go green
  • Landscaping is one of the most obvious ways to improve a home's aesthetics. After cutting back the trees and shrubs, focus on the greenery. Adding plants to the front yard, especially flowers that complement your home's color palette, quickly beautifies the front of a home. You can also place nice potted plants on the porch, or include planter boxes around flowers on the side of the main pathway.

    Go next-level by adding planting beds with a nice mix of plant color, texture, and size along the walkways, the driveway, front corners, or directly in front to frame the home. Even bolder, add a street-side garden to the area between the street and sidewalk, with 24/7 outdoor lighting for looks and security. This design element will greatly accentuate your home.

  • Highlight the hardware
  • Replace old hardware around the home with new ones that add style. After upgrading the mailboxes (as mentioned before) and overhead light fixtures, look at the house numbers. Immediately replace dingy and dated ones.

    However, up-leveling a home's curb appeal is simple with upscale house numbers from Modern Aspect. Modern Aspect address plaques and house numbers come in styles and materials that suit both traditional and contemporary homes.

  • Dress up the driveway
  • If budget allows, a new garage door updates the front of any home. The garage door is a large part of the exterior, so decorating it with matching colors and proper outdoor lighting is an excellent way to boost your home's exterior. And some buyers go further by enhancing the driveway. You can as well by first pulling any weeds and repairing cracks. Next, look into color staining the driveway or paving it with flagstones. And to set off the driveway, decorate its border with brick, stone, or pavers.


    Keeping a home well-maintained is the easy part. However, helping it stand out with unique design elements should be the next phase in improving curb appeal. Using the above guidelines can get your home to the next level in a short amount of time.

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