How Do Mailboxes Work: Everything to Know About Mailboxes

How Do Mailboxes Work: Everything to Know About Mailboxes

At some point, you may have walked past a mailbox and wondered if there were still any use for them, especially now that emails are incredibly prominent. It might come to be a surprise, but these fixtures are still considered to be an important part of the life of an adult! 

What makes mailboxes—or even mail itself—incredibly important is that they are physical documents that are a lot safer to keep as compared to emails; after all, digital documents could easily be deleted or removed without you even knowing or noticing!

As such, it is crucial for all adults to understand more about the importance of the mailbox—and all it entails. Here below are a couple of mail facts that might help quench your curiosity:

Mailboxes Are Historical 

Aside from serving their purpose for many years over, mailboxes are considered to be one of the most iconic portions that come with an American home. You can purchase cheap mailboxes that are priced around $50—however, mailboxes could go relatively expensive, coming in at a whopping $470 at most. 

They also come with considerably strict guidelines, an example of which is that mailboxes should follow a set height when planted into the ground which varies from state to state. For more information on this, you should contact your local post office for any inquiries!

Mailbox Maintenance

Just like owning anything else, you should bear in mind that even a mailbox is going to require maintenance. This is because mailboxes need specific attention to the door and its hinges, as it could easily break off if kept unchecked. 

A mailbox’s doors could easily break off as it collects rust caused by moisture. There have also been quite a few instances in the past where insects nested within the dark confines of a mailbox—as it is perfect for insects and various pests to thrive in, considering that the inside of a mailbox is going to be dark and quiet!

Benjamin Franklin Helped Bring Mailboxes Into Existence

Aside from being famous for being one of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin was a man who took interest in the convenience and utility of a mailbox. He helped in developing what we know today to be the modern residential mailboxes, as he became the first Postmaster in the United States. 

Manufacturing Modern Mailboxes

The most common materials used are steel and stainless steel, mainly thanks to their durability. Steel is considered to be a very robust metal since it’s considerably resistant to rust and various external factors. 

Aside from their materials, there are also questions regarding the manufacturing of mailboxes—one of which is that mailboxes are sold by a local post office. Well, the blunt answer to that is, no; these actually aren’t! However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to easily find a mailbox. There are many USPS approved mailboxes for sale that can be found in nearby hardware stores—but you might be able to find convenience in purchasing them online.

The Bottom Line—What Else Is There To Know?

Aside from the listed facts and quirks mentioned above, there are still quite a few questions behind mailboxes. However, all you really need to understand is that mailboxes both serve a clear purpose and bring a certain aesthetic to your front lawn! By investing in a modern mailbox, you’re sure to get spruce up your home and ensure the security of your mail.

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