How House Numbers and Other Accessories Increase Curb Appeal

house numbers

People's first impressions about your home start with your front yard landscaping. It sets the tone for both your home's curb appeal and how people value and perceive your property. Good landscaping can indicate how you feel about your home and even your personality.

When you invest in curb appeal, you build up your home's value, which is vital if you're considering selling your home in the future. Here are things to remember when you want to increase your home's curb appeal.

Think of the exterior's overall design

If you have only an empty expanse of lawn and a corner bed for a single tree, you aren't doing your home any favours. If you have a large enough lawn, you can have plant beds and shape these around slopes and trees.

Your plant beds should have balance and plants with different textures and colours. The plants should also have a variety of heights and a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. Consider eventual plant maturity; your trees and bushes should soften and shade your home but not block it from view.

Have a focal point for your exteriors

You should have items in your front yard that draw people's eyes. Whatever you decide as the focal point should be in line with your personality or home's style. For example, if you have a contemporary build, minimalist house numbers will tie in with the house's architecture.

Meanwhile, if you have a Tuscan or Mediterranean-style home, you could make a tiered fountain your house's focal point. For craftsman-style or coastal homes, you can hire builders to create decorative posts and rail fencing that match your house's trim.

Have a prominent, wide entryway

It is vital to clear a path from the street to your front door. Typically, builders will prep and pour an exposed driveway with a curved surface four feet wide, which they will connect to the steps leading up to your porch or front door. 

They might add pavers or alternate concrete surfacing to distinguish the entry from the driveway. Keeping this area wider than regular will help identify the walkway. You can also add a personalized mailbox at the end of the pavement.

Consider landscape lighting for your home

Extend your curb appeal into the evening hours with landscape lighting. Apart from adding security to your premises, nighttime lights let you emphasize the architectural features you want to highlight. LED lighting has colour-changing and dimming capabilities that let you change the mood based on the season or holiday. Uplighting and area lights for your driveway are both practical and decorative.

Don't forget to have landscaping maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that your yard looks trimmed, fertilized, and cared for, and it will keep your home looking new. Irrigation check-ups and service work will help you see if there are issues in watering your lawn, and tree check-ups every five years will ensure that your trees are growing properly. Besides these, you could also have regular electrical check-ups for your lighting and power washing for your exterior siding.


How your home looks from the curb will invariably affect what they initially think about your family. If you want to show people who you are, it's essential to align your home's exterior with its interior design. Aside from aesthetics, taking care of features like curb lights, mailboxes, house numbers, and the like increases your home's safety and security.

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