How to Improve Your Winter Curb Appeal for Selling

How to Improve Your Winter Curb Appeal for Selling

Is a seemingly never-ending winter burning you out? Are you done dealing with dropping temperatures, dwelling over whether your home will sell? Don’t wave your white flag just yet—there are many ways to up your curb appeal. 

Regardless of the season, many individuals shop for new homes for various reasons. Whether due to a divorce, brand-new job, or the desire to begin a family, you’ll likely come across a handful of buyers willing to tour your winter wonderland—but not without a little effort!

Remember, first impressions are everything. By upping your curb appeal, you give potential buyers a peek into what might be inside. 

Tip 1 - Remove Snow and Ice

Naturally, you won’t want to make it impossible for buyers to make it to your front door. Thus, you’ll want to remove all snow and ice to reduce the risk of a slip and fall and communicate the impression of maintenance. 

Tip 2 - Marry Aesthetics and Safety

Winter days are short, so most of your open houses will likely take place in the dark. Hence, you can equip your home with exterior lighting to give it the spotlight it deserves—and direct buyers to the right place! A warm glow can make a property appear more inviting. 

Ensure that you light up any pathways and replace any burnt-out bulbs. A string of lights along the front porch is a welcome addition to a dull exterior. 

Tip 3 - Don’t Forget External Home Maintenance

We previously mentioned clearing your pathways of snow—but you don’t want to forget any leaves or other debris. If your home is also home to a billowing tree, ensure that you trim any branches that appear to be swallowing your property. 

Next, put away garbage bags and recycling containers—these negatively impact your curb appeal. If there isn’t any foliage to distract from chipping paint or stained windows, attend to minor fixes as much as possible. 

Finally, switch up your home’s primary identifier—it’s number. Modern Aspect’s Curb Appeal Planters make for a stunning and minimalistic addition to the front of your home. This current display ties nature and contemporary design together seamlessly. 

You might even want to give your outdated mailbox an upgrade with Modern Aspect’s Post-Mounted mailbox. This steel mailbox is a far cry from its dingy counterparts and can elevate your home instantly. 

Tip 4 - Add Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your entryway. The winter may be grey and dreary, but your home doesn’t have to be. 

Give your front door a bold repaint, or go for something a little subdued if you love a look of elegance. Breathe life into your front garden with a colorful feeder and other stunning ornaments. 

Tip 5 - Don’t Overlook Winter Landscaping

Speaking of pops of color, you can achieve a vibrant look with natural elements such as winter flowers. For instance, camellia is a winter-flowering shrub that brings a fresh pink to otherwise blue and black skies. Evergreen and deciduous shrubs also don varieties that flower. 

Add texture to your walkways with pinecones on top of flowerbeds. Doing so helps regulate acidity levels, allowing plants to flourish during the winter months. 


As much as we promise not to judge a book by its cover, doing so is a habit that is hard to forget. Your entryway will set opinions almost instantly, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s looking its best—even in the wintertime. 

Purchase unique mailboxes to improve your curb appeal all-year-round with a stunning selection from Modern Aspect.  When it comes to curb appeal, we get it!

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