Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Plan

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Plan

Modern design is sometimes confused with contemporary design. While the two design styles are different, they have some similarities. In fact, modern design is so popular today that it could be seen as one of the most popular (if not the most popular) contemporary design styles.

Crisp lines and little or no clutter is iconic of modern design. These elements also feature in a more contemporary design style. Read on to learn the difference between the two design styles and get some low-budget modern 3-bedroom house design plans.


What is modern design?

Although the modern design style is widely used today, it is not the same as contemporary interior design. Contemporary house design style refers to the design style that is popular at the current time. It does not include any particular design style.

On the other hand, modern design refers to a specific design style that emerged during a particular time in history. In the early to mid-twentieth century, modern art had its moment and, influenced by German Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs and people like Le Corbusier, modern interior design was born.

While contemporary design changes to keep up with our changes in tastes while modern design refers to a more specific design style, there are some similarities between the two. Contemporary design includes neutral colors, clean lines, minimalism, and a more natural feel. Popular materials used in contemporary house plans include steel, chrome, and nickel, along with natural materials like jute and hemp.


What are the main elements of modern design?

Specific design elements characterize the modern design style. These elements combine to create a clean, minimalist, and modern look and feel in your home. Here are the basics of modern design:


Clean lines

Clean lines found in homes with a modern design style include straight horizontal and vertical lines instead of elaborate curves. It also involves very few intricate details or ornamentation, reminiscent of manufactured homes' architectural style.

Minimal clutter

Homes that are decorated in the modern style have minimal clutter. Each piece is selected not only because it looks good but also because it serves a purpose. Furniture and purely decorative ornaments are uncommon in homes decorated in the modern design style. This minimalist feel makes modern designs work well for one or two bedroom apartments, as well as any small house plan, which have a small number of square feet to work with.

Neutral colors

You won't find too many bright and bold colors in homes with a modern design style. Neutral colors like white, grey, black, beige, and pastel shades are more common. Although highly contrasting colors like white and black are sometimes used in modern designs, more neutral and 'natural' colors are preferred.

Open plan

Modern design-styled homes are usually open plan. This style uses furniture instead of walls to separate different spaces and living rooms.

Long and low furniture

Furniture that is longer and lower to the ground help accentuate a modern design style. The furniture used in modern designs also has clean lines with little details or intricacies.

A variety of materials

The furniture favored in modern design is usually made from natural wood or unpainted metal, leather, glass, steel, concrete, stone, fabric, or chrome. Natural fibers are also commonly used.

Exposure of structural elements

Structural elements like beams or concrete are often left exposed and incorporated into the design of a space. This enhances the effect that everything in the design of a space has a purpose.


Natural light

Modern design makes the most of natural light. Windows are usually large with minimal window treatment. Blinds and plain curtains are often used in modern designs. This abundance of natural light makes a room feel larger and lighter, creating lightness and flow.


Benefits of modern design's functionality in a 3 bedroom home

Modern-designed spaces have almost become timeless and are still very popular today. Modern interior design ideas work great because of their beauty and functionality. Here are some more benefits to modernizing your style and creating a modern design in your home with a 3 bedroom house plan:


Makes your home feel bigger

The open floor plan, absence of clutter, and abundance of natural light all combine to make your living space seem larger. In addition, having fewer things means you can keep your home neater, giving the illusion of more space in each living area. This is amplified by the absence of full-length walls that makes your home feel divided and boxy.

Makes your home more energy efficient

Having fewer walls in your home with an open floor plan means that natural light can reach deep into the internal spaces. This also reduces electricity use during the day.

The absence of walls allows for more air circulation. This reduces the need for temperature control systems like coolers or air conditioning systems. It also allows heat from fireplaces and other heating systems to spread throughout the home.

Saves you time and effort

Less clutter simply means that there will be less for you to clean. No more dusting, washing knickknacks, or getting into awkward angles to clean. You will also spend less time arranging and rearranging items on shelves or on counters.

When you have less stuff and can keep it clean more efficiently, you will likely also be less prone to get allergies because your home will be free from dust and mites.

The open floor plan of a modern design has fewer nooks and crannies where dust can settle and that will need to be cleaned. In addition, improved air circulation will lower the humidity in your home and discourage mold and mildew growth.

A calmer mental space

Lots of clutter could cause visual noise. It can be distracting to look at and might clutter your mental space. Getting rid of items you no longer want or use no longer weigh on your mind every time you see them.

Our brains are immediately attracted to something that is bold and colorful, or that looks out of place. On the other hand, they find it calming to look at symmetrical, clean, and simple objects.

Having a modern design style could be calming to your brain and thus have a calming effect on your mood. This is true simply because fewer things are competing for your attention.

Only keep things that have a function

If you have a smaller space or many people share the same space having a modern design would be beneficial. The functionality of modern design means that each element in the space can be used. This eliminates anything that takes up space while not serving a purpose.

Minimalism and smart spacing

Modern designs truly embrace the saying: "There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place."

In modern designs, not only do you have less clutter, but you can also incorporate cleverly designed storage spaces to hold all your things. For example, you could have a bed with storage space underneath or a coffee table with drawers or shelves. Because you don't want everything, including the kitchen sink, on display (okay, maybe the kitchen sink), having clever ways to store the things you need will help you implement and maintain that clutter-free modern design style in your home.

Modernizing any home on a low budget

The secret to modernizing your home on a low budget is not necessarily about buying cheap and poor-quality items. Instead, you could consider purchasing higher quality, and perhaps higher priced, items because you will need or use so much less. This way, even if you purchase more expensive pieces, you can still update for less.

With modern design having a few thoughtfully selected quality items in your home are ideal. On top of that, choosing items, you will use instead of purely decorative will help you stay within your budget while decorating your living space in the modern design style. To get even more out of your modern design style, you could even look for items that can serve more than one purpose. For example, you can put a comfortable foldout couch in a spare bedroom. Obviously, the couch can be used as a couch or a bed. More than that, the entire room could be used either as a guest bedroom, a study, or a living room.

Here are a few cheap interior design ideas:

Clean it up

Homes with a modern design style are clean, neat, and clutter-free. An easy way to make your home feel more modern is to give it a good scrub. Wash down the exterior and paint the inside walls and trims in neutral colors. Remember to replace the door handles and knobs with more modern versions. If you have wooden floors, resending and re-sealing the floorboards can instantly transform your space from looking old and warn-in to fresh and modern.

Get rid of anything you don't need or that does not bring you joy. Avoid the temptation of packing unused items in cupboards or stuffing them under the bed. These things are seldom necessary, and you are unlikely to meet that rainy day when you might need to use them.

Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms

It is easy to give a modern feel to a kitchen or bathroom. You do not need to replace or redo these rooms. Instead, focus on minor alterations that might have a massive impact.

Painting cupboards and replacing the cabinet or drawer handles could already give the space a completely different feel. Remember to stick to neutral or natural shades if you want to achieve a modern feel. The same can be achieved by changing out the light fixtures and decluttering the surfaces.

Give the room a good clean, remove any limescale or other stains or marks, and deep clean the grouting between the tiles. Replace aging caulk in the bathroom around your sink, between the tub and the surrounding tile, and the joints of your shower stall.

Pack away spices, toiletries, or anything else that could make the space seem untidy.

Pack it away if you don't use it

Even if you have gotten rid of a lot of things you don't use, you will need space for everything you need. For example, a kitchen counter will look messy, cluttered, and dated with a kettle, coffee machine, and coffee grinder grouped together. Although these could be arranged to be aesthetically pleasing, packing away the items you don't regularly use will help you create a more modern feel in your home.

The secret here is to have hidden storage where you can put everything you need but don't necessarily use all the time. These things can be placed on open shelves (if you wish to display them) or clever hiding places like storage built under your staircase.

Find good deals

Having a modern design style does not necessarily mean everything is new. You can find some fabulous, preloved items at car boot sales, online, or at charity shops. Sometimes all you might have to do to modernize an item is give it a new coat of paint and more modern fittings like handles or other hardware.

Make small changes

Changing relatively small details could make a massive difference to the look and feel of a space. All you need to do is add a few modern elements. New curtains or different light fixtures, scatter cushions, or a strategically placed (functional) ornament or two can instantly transform a room into something that looks more modern.

A modern design style can be combined with other design styles, including contemporary house plans, to create a simplistic, functional, peaceful, and beautiful space. By implementing the basics of a modern design along with some small, inexpensive changes or upgrades, you can quickly transform your home into a space that looks and feels fantastic.

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