Spruce Up Your Garden with a Planter Box Bench

Spruce Up Your Garden with a Planter Box Bench

Adding a planter box bench to your garden or your outdoor living space has many fun and surprising benefits. Planter benches are a cross between practical outdoor furniture and plant storage. They add a nice place to sit while being outdoors that you can make as fun and cozy as you want! Another benefit to having a planter bench is it creates a lovely focal point for your garden or landscaped area. This creates a nice spot for gathering in your garden and encourages spending time outside. Another surprising perk is it can be a nice workspace outside. It can be so refreshing to get some fresh air while working, so creating a comfortable place to sit outdoors and be able to work can brighten anyone's day! Planter benches can be perfect for as much or as little seating as you want in any area, seating anywhere from 1-8 depending on the benches, so having extra seating to host outdoor activities is always a fun option. A great addition to this list is storage! Planter box benches can double as storage, and who doesn't love to have extra storage for their knick-knacks and stuff they don't want to lie around? 

How can a planter box bench be incorporated into a garden design or landscaping plan?

There are so many varieties of planter box benches that you can find any type to match your garden or any landscaping plan for your home. Depending on what your garden or outdoor living space looks like, you can create or purchase any type of planter bench that best matches your personal style. They can be as big or as small as whatever the space you have allows; they even work on patios or decks and create visually aesthetic seating! Depending on where you want to place it, it could be very cute seating to have on the front porch! Another great idea and a good place for a planter bench would be around a fire pit; they can create optimal seating with lovely touches of greenery and floral potted plants to create a fun cozy space around your fire pit! Again, with different styles for every planter bench, you can find or create a bench according to your outdoor needs.

What are some ideas for using a planter box bench in an outdoor space, such as for seating, storage, or decorative purposes?

As previously mentioned, planter box benches can be used for seating around a fire pit, on a deck or outdoor patio, in a garden, in your front yard as a statement piece, or in a quiet, serene spot for all your relaxation getaway needs. For storage, you can put whatever you do not want in them, such as garden tools, fire pit equipment, extra or seasonal outdoor decor, and cushions. Virtually whatever you can fit in there or whatever you need in the space that makes the most sense for you! Decorating your planter box bench can be the most fun part. You can create a cute personalized bench by getting some fun outdoor cushions and throw pillows. You can even get seasonal decor to change as the seasons or holidays change! Of course, you could paint or stain your bench to match your decor taste as well. Getting creative with your outdoor furniture is a great way to show off your personal style and create fun, inciting spaces for your outdoor area!

How can a planter box bench be built or purchased?

There are many places to purchase a planter box bench, such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Patio Living, Amazon, and so many more places. You are definitely not limited to just one or two places. You can find them at just about any outdoor or outdoor furniture store. Each store has many different options, so be sure to look at a couple of different sites and stores to see what they have to offer! As for all the D.I.Y people who love building their own patio furniture, this would be a fun project for you! There are many different tutorials online for you to follow, or you can head to youtube and follow along as someone guides you through a few steps to get you the planter bench of your dreams! If you're looking for a simple step over-view here is one below:

How to Build a Planter Box Bench

Step 1:Get the necessary tools and materials

You will need a variety of tools and materials to build your own planter box, 

Step 2: Cut the pieces

Cut the pieces needed for the seat frame, seat, planters, and inner frame using a saw. Be sure that you are precise with the cutting and measurements on your instructions!

Step 3: Assemble the seat frame

Put the frame pieces together by using a drill and screws!

Step 4: Pick a locations

Picking a location for your bench is important, so make sure it is exactly where you would like it to be since it's harder to move once completed. 

Step 5: Lay out the planter bases

Pick where you would like the planter boxes before putting everything together. Of course, you want to be happy with your final design, so be sure to explore your options before you commit to putting things together!

Step 6: Prepare the base

Create the footprint for where you want the base of the bench to go.

Step 7: Excavate the soil

Remove the soil for where your bench will go, and add gravel to create a solid base for your bench.

Step 8: Lay the second course

Lay down the second course and then secure the courses together. 

Step 9: Anchor the planters

Anchoring the planters in place will ensure theyare stable and secure. Then assemble the inner frames and install the seat support boards, and you have a planter box bench. 

How can a planter box bench be customized?

You can customize a planter box bench in many different ways! Think about the build, color (paint or stain), cushions and pillows, different forms of storage, and maybe even signs for the side of your bench. Painting your planter box bench or staining the wood is a great place to start with customizing your bench. When it comes to painting, there is no shortage of possibilities, and you can find or customize the paint color of your choice. As far as staining the wood goes, many different stain choices complement your outdoor living area. Cushions and throw pillows are the perfect custom touch to add to your benches, and the added color and comfort will make it the perfect hang-out spot. The hardware used on the planter box can also be customized; picking hardware that suits your style and matches the look you're going for is another perfect way to stylize your planter box bench. 

What are some common challenges that people encounter when using a planter box bench?

Unfortunately, a few complications can come from using a planter box bench. It falls under the raised garden planter and container categories, so there can be a few hiccups when using these to garden. There are a few common problems to be aware of when it comes time to plant your garden. Compacted soil is a very common problem to have. Without proper drainage, your plants will begin to wilt regardless of frequent watering. Overheated plants are very common, and there is such a thing as too much direct sunlight, so make sure you give your plants a nice rest every once in a while. Another one to be on the lookout for when it comes to container gardening is plant incompatibility. Sometimes certain species don't get along very well, and this causes a failure to thrive. Plants aside, the benches themselves have a few minor drawbacks. One of them is that they tend to be heavy, which makes them quite difficult to move, so make sure you love where you place them, as they can be challenging to relocate. Depending on what yours is made of, and we have found that most are made of wood, they require maintenance. You will want to annually make sure that it is either stained or painted with outdoor approved products. Without this type of maintenance, the wooden bench could deteriorate and degrade, becoming unsafe for use and visually unattractive. 

How can a planter box bench be maintained over time to ensure it stays in good condition? 

There are many good and often easy ways to maintain your planter box bench. Annual maintenance on the materials your planter bench is made of, watering and caring for your plants, making sure your cushions are cleaned frequently, and keeping up with the surrounding area of the bench, so it is a clean and welcoming place are all great ways to maintain your bench. 

What are some successful planter box bench designs?

There are many great and successful designs for planter box benches. You really can't go wrong with their designs which makes them great and very versatile! There are many designs and shapes to choose from, such as a two seater bench, an "L" shaped bench, a "U" shaped bench, and a curved long bench. You can essentially find or build whatever shaped bench suits your outdoor space best. Another great part of the design is finding out what types of wood works best for you. Whether that be teak, cedar, or redwood, there are many choices to choose from, and they can all contribute to the feel of the design you are going for.  

What are the costs and considerations involved? 

Anything you buy or build is going to require some form of tools. Let's say you ordered one, and it might come in handy to have a screwdriver or hammer on hand. As far as D.I.Y ing yours, that cost may go up in supplies. When it comes to a D.I.Y build, you will need to pay for wood, tools, screws, wood glue, plant supplies, and for finishing touches, cushions, and more. You may want to compare the ordering pricing as opposed to a D.I.Y build for your planter box bench. Prices to order or purchase a planter bench range in prices from $100 dollars up to $1,000 dollars. So when it comes to building the planter bench, it might be a good idea to compare the cost of materials needed versus purchasing. Either way, determining what is most efficient and works best for your budget may be the best way to approach this. The cost of wood can range from $20 dollars through $50 dollars, a basic tool set ranges from $40 dollars through a couple hundred dollars, a box of screws costs around $10 dollars, and a saw can cost from $70 dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. Be sure to plan out the planter box bench in advance, so you know how much of the supplies need to be purchased. Then, when it comes time to build, be prepared for at least a few hours of time dedicated to building.   

Hopefully these tips help give an insight to planter box benches and how they can add charm as well as function to your outdoor living spaces. Whether you are a D.I.Y fan or someone who prefers to find the perfect piece, a planter box bench is perfect for adding seating and used to show off your favorite plants and gardening skills. Remember to get creative and to have fun decorating your new favorite piece of outdoor furniture! 

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