3 Tips to Maintain Your Curb Appeal Before Winter Arrives

3 Tips to Maintain Your Curb Appeal Before Winter Arrives

Many people prefer the holidays and festivities of autumn rather than winter, most notably because of the cold. As a homeowner, you may be tempted to enjoy the autumn season and neglect preparing your home for the upcoming winter, but we highly recommend that you do not do this. Preparing your home during the fall is much easier due to the warmer temperatures, and doing housework in the winter will end up being a headache. 

If you want to ensure your home's curb appeal remains great throughout the colder seasons, here is what you should do.

1. Clear your lawn

While fallen leaves may look great at first, they will grow to be nothing more than an eyesore after a while. However, the problem does not only stop at aesthetics. As the leaves start to deteriorate, they can kill the grass, leaving your lawn looking like a battlefield.

To ensure that your lawn remains beautiful and healthy, remember to always keep your lawn clear. Rake as often as you need when leaves start to pile up, and do not forget to mow the grass an inch lower than normal. Also, overseed your yard using rye or any other grass to fill any patches your lawn may have, and remember to fertilize the lawn to keep it alive throughout winter.

2. Plant evergreens

Deciduous trees may look stunning throughout the year, but they will look like they came straight from a horror novel once winter arrives. If you want your home to look great once the snow falls, then this is a problem you should address with evergreen plants and trees!

If you only have deciduous trees around your home, consider planting evergreens. They will stay green throughout the winter, giving your home a nice splash of color throughout the year. For other colorful options, consider planting barberry bushes. They add a shade of purple and red, which is perfect for winter.

3. Repaint your front door

You cannot control the natural process of trees and plants losing their color as winter arrives. However, you can control the home you live in, specifically your front door and its color.

An excellent way to ensure your curb appeal remains excellent is to paint your front door. It does not have to be a different kind of color, so long as it is new paint. That is because new paint is much more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing than old, worn-out paint.

If you want to repaint it in something new and vibrant, by all means, go ahead. It can make your home much more unique and provide that much-needed splash of color to make the season a little more vibrant. 


These are just some of the things you can do to maintain your home's curb appeal, even when everything else turns dull in the winter. Other than what we have shared already, there are many other ideas you can try, such as adding lighting fixtures around your home, giving your house a good exterior cleaning, and more.

That said, the most important aspect of all of these tips is that you do them all during the autumn season. That way, you can have an easier time making your house look great, and you will be well-prepared for the coming season.

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