Serene Planter Pot

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This durable planter will look great outside on the porch or in the garden. The soft line with natural color will be admired by every guest or passer-by. Use several planters together to create a small garden greenery or separate them to bring elegance to multiple spaces.

This classic modern fiberglass planter is handmade, crafted of lightweight colin through a meticulous manufacturing process, built with a drainage hole and a strong UV resistant ability that endures well in wind, rain, hot or cold seasons.

Component content: 80% colin, 6% fiberglass, 14% polyresin
Size Options: Available in 3 sizes.
Small:13"x13"x12" - weight 13lbs
Medium: 15.75"x 15.75"x 17.3" - weight 17lbs
Large:21.5"x 21.5"x 22.5" - weight 28lbs

Size Options: Available in 3 sizes.
Small-13"D x 13"H x - weight 13lbs
Medium- 15.8"D x 15.8"H - weight 17lbs
Large- 21.5"D x 21.5"H - weight 28lbs

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