3 Tips to Maintain Your Mailbox to Boost Curb Appeal

3 Tips to Maintain Your Mailbox to Boost Curb Appeal

One of the first things people will notice when going to your home is your mailbox. If they see a run-down mailbox, they will automatically assume that your home is the same. The reverse can be said about a well-maintained mailbox, where a visitor will assume that the rest of your property will also be well-maintained.

That said, your mailbox does not only serve as the first impression of your property. It also protects your mail. For that reason, maintaining your mailbox is a must, despite how insignificant or small it may seem.

If you are wondering what you can do to maintain your mailbox, you are in the right place. We will share with you some tips on how you can ensure your mailbox is always in its best condition.

1. Test the door

One of the parts of the mailbox many people tend to forget to check for problems is the door. A damaged or broken door will not be able to close properly, leading to issues like moisture getting into the mailbox's contents.

When checking your mailbox, remember to test the door. Pay attention to any gaps, how easily it closes, and any sharp areas. If you find any sharp areas, file them down if possible. That way, anyone handling the mailbox will not get scratched or cut, which is always an unwelcome experience.

2. Check the address 

An important aspect that always needs to be maintained is the address on the mailbox. The outside environment can easily cause the address to wash away or become illegible. This will give your mailman a hard time figuring out what the address says, and it increases the likelihood of you getting the wrong mail.

If you see that the address on your mailbox is not clear, fix it up immediately. You can replace the address or clean it to ensure that it is easily seen and readable. Also, make sure the address is complete. If it is missing any details, make an effort to fix it up. 

3. Look at the support 

The support is there to hold the mailbox up, and if it is weak, there is a chance for the entire fixture to topple over or break. When checking your mailbox, be sure to give the support a little wiggle and shake. If it is secure, you are good to go. If it shakes too much and shows signs of loosening, have it repaired so that it can stay anchored in place even in harsh weather.


Your mailbox, while seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, is still an essential part of your home. Just like maintaining your porch, garden, and car, your mailbox also needs regular care. That way, it can hold your mail without any issue, keeping it safe until you need to collect it.

With that said, if you find too many problems with your mailbox, you can have it replaced. Purchasing a new mailbox is a great way to eliminate all the problems in one go, and the possibility of purchasing a nice one can go a long way in creating great first impressions of your property.

Modern Aspect offers modern mailboxes with numbers to maximize your curb appeal and provide an excellent mailbox experience. If you are looking to purchase modern mailboxes in Canada, check out our offerings! 

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