Five Outdoor Tips to Improve Home Value

Five Outdoor Tips to Improve Home Value

Everyone wants a home that stands out, especially when it comes time to sell. That is the most critical moment to have a home that sets itself apart in the marketplace. But why wait until you plan to leave your home to spruce it up and enjoy it? Update it now because it does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. 

  1. Fresh Paint 

This tip is obvious, yet underrated. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a home's look and feel. And, getting rid of faded paint sends the message that your home is fresh and well maintained. Furthermore, a home's paint color plays a part in home value. So, if your home could use a new look, consider a paint job. Keep in mind that experts say neutral, light colors help retain or improve home value.


  • Eye-pleasing Front Door 
  • A home's front door is the first up-close and personal interaction a guest has with your home. Undoubtedly, an unappealing front door takes away from a first impression. Therefore, having a well-maintained and inviting front door certainly enhances curb appeal. 

    It may be time to invest in a new entrance, however when replacing your front door is not an option, consider repainting it. A small update such as this to a front door makes a big difference. For example, Zillow states that a black door adds more than 6k to home value.

  • Updated Outdoor Accessories
  • Not only could you paint the front door, but lawn furniture and mailboxes too. Especially when they could benefit from a new color to catch the gaze of visitors and potential homebuyers. 

    Even better than a repainted mailbox is a new, custom-made one, like a mailbox from Moderna Aspect, which naturally adds contemporary elegance to the front yard. Modern Aspect also has eye-catching address planters and plaques that add to curb appeal.

  • Low-cost Landscaping
  • Since yards can add so much beauty to a home, attention to detail in this respect certainly increases curb appeal and home value. So, spiffy up your home's exterior appearance with complimentary landscaping by, for example, choosing a design and flowers that match your home's color palette.

    Furthermore, you could also:

    • DIY a deck or patio.
    • Add paths, particularly stone paths. 
    • Invest in a fountain.
    • Update outdoor furniture. 

  • Improved Lighting
  • Lighting is an often overlooked but important part of enhancing a home's appearance. Specifically, adding the right lighting can make a home feel protected and inviting. Also, proper lighting can increase a home's value by 20 percent. 

    If installing a designed lighting system stretches the budget, then consider budget-friendly options like: 

    • lanterns 
    • stringed lights 
    • solar security or path lights
    • fire pits 

    Adding value to your home can be done at any time and does not have to include adding debt. Outdoor home improvements can be as simple as a few upgrades. And, as you can see from the five tips above, a little sprucing up goes a long way.

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