Five Ways To Make the Outdoor Of Your Home More Enjoyable

Five Ways To Make the Outdoor Of Your Home More Enjoyable

Five Ways To Make The Outdoor Of Your Home More Enjoyable

Investing In Artificial Turf

Artificial turf used to be synonymous with football stadiums and has come a long way in terms of form and functionality. There are many different types of turf to choose from that will meet the needs of your home or office. Over the last decade the technology used to create and implement turf has improved dramatically and is much more intrinsically pleasing both visually and to the touch. Some things to consider when installing turf for your home or office:

  • Quality turf installation for your home done well is not inexpensive. There is an entire process to prepare your yard and install correctly. Prices vary by region and type of turf, but expect the expense to at least in the four digits.
  • Installing turf for your yard will save you thousands of dollars in irrigation cost over the lifetime of your installation.
  • Most turf is pet friendly and can be easily washed to remove any stains or smells from pets using the surface.
  • Installing turf can make shaded areas or areas exposed to too much soon where grass is hard to grow usable for your pets and family which ultimately makes your back yard much more enjoyable.

Outdoor Cooking Options Have Increased Dramatically and Should Not Break the Bank

As we have learned to spend more time outdoors, there are a ton more options in terms of ways to cook. Some new popular products include:

  • Dual firepit / grills: These handy products can be utilized as a source of heat during the winter months and have the versatility of being able to grill as well.
  • Portable smokers - We tend to think of smokers as large, metal contraptions, but there have been new products developed that let you enjoy smoking on a smaller, portable surface.
  • Outdoor propane cookers - These propane based cookers allow you to cook a variety of foods and are great for shrimp, crawfish boils, and for frying turkeys.

Organic Ways To Keep Out Pests

Adding to your curb appeal can be enhanced with planting the right plants that fit in with your region’s climate and the layout of your yard. In addition to curb appeal, choosing these types of plants also doubled as helping unwanted animals, or other types of pests away from your yard:

  • Basil: Kills mosquito eggs
  • Lavender: Smell deters flys, moths, and mosquitos
  • Rosemary: Known to repel mosquitos as well as keeping away harmful garden variety insects
  • Lemongrass - Citronella can be found in this plant
  • Mint - Helps repel biting insects of all kind

New Options To Improve Curb Appeal

An obvious way to enjoy your home is to improve the curb appeal. Who isn’t proud to look at a nicely manicured front of the house. 

  • Installing solar lights for your walkway not only makes an impressive entrance, but makes it much easier to navigate your yard.
  • Installing modern house numbers not only makes your house easier to identify, but sets your home apart from others with basic cookie cutter numbers.
  • Power washing your driveway and front of your house is an inexpensive way to add an immediate pop to your home!
  • Staining or painting old worn out shutters - Applying a new coat of stain and/or paint to the shutters can make your house stand out.

Raised Gardens

Raised gardens are a fun way to grow your own vegetables while reducing the maintenance time of a traditional garden. There is a wide variety pre fabricated raised garden products on the market for every size yard and family.

  • Select your location - Having a location with some shade in the summer is ideal depending on your climate.
  • Clean the site of grass and weeds that can cause problems later.
  • Build your raised bed using lumber or bricks or purchase a pre-made raised bed that required little assembly.
  • Add soil to your bed - You can add compost to your soil to add additional nutrients.
  • Select the plants you want to grow - Make sure to plant vegetables that are conducive to your location. In addition, it’s best not to crowd the garden to ensure each plant has enough room to grow.
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