The Importance of Landscaping: More Than Just Curb Appeal

The Importance of Landscaping: More Than Just Curb Appeal

A lot of television networks such as HGTV love to hype the concept of “curb appeal. Their usual goal is to share tips and tricks which can turn your neighbors green with envy whenever they pass by your house. There is no denying how crucial curb appeal is, but the importance of landscaping is far more than just aesthetics. Landscaping does more than create an outdoor space that is inviting and warm. It also adds value to your home and lets the home be more environmentally friendly.

Additional Home Value

When a decision is made to sell a house, the homeowners will often discuss areas of their home that can benefit from renovations. Popular options are making light fixtures more modern or updating the kitchen. The real secret in raising the appeal of your home, however, lies in the landscaping. 

Understandably, you may be wondering exactly how much value is added by great quality landscaping. There is an average 5%-20% increase in the overall value of a home when you invest in landscaping, and sometimes even higher increases are reported. On the other hand, low to no maintenance can leave your landscaping dull and drab. This is because when landscaping is not groomed or maintained well, the value of your home can decrease. High-quality landscaping, which also includes the likes of appropriate address signs for your yard, can lead to your home feeling downright priceless.

More Environmentally Friendly

Strategically planning your landscape design well can actually help you save funds and let your home use far less energy. The most common way for these tasks to be accomplished is through placing trees in particular locations. Key areas include the front of large windows, and/or the side of the home which gets sunlight the most. 

By putting trees in those places, there will be an added benefit of natural shade. This will cool down the space in your home through heavily filtering direct sunlight. The air conditioner will then no longer need to be run constantly, which will in turn help to lower the cost of the house’s electricity bill every month.

Homey Feel

Since the yard is basically an extension of any home, the same care and precision that goes into designing the space within the walls should apply. Inviting landscaping will let you and other guests feel more at home, creating a space that people want to make use of. The yard can be used for large gatherings but also for small, intimate family dinners. Guests will be able to still feel very much at home despite stepping outside of the actual structure. This is particularly handy in these pandemic times, when every opportunity to step outside and breathe fresh air is like a precious gift.


When you make the choice to sell your home, every little bit counts, all the way down to the house numbers on the door or facade. Paying attention to your landscaping is a key factor, and will create a space that you can enjoy and turn over to new homeowners.

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