How to Buy the Best Mailbox

How to Buy the Best Mailbox

Often, mailboxes are attached to the front of a house or the curb; thus, they must complement your home’s style--not detract from it. The size of a mailbox largely depends on the amount of mail you receive. For example, a person who receives mail payments or sells products may need a locking mailbox to prevent mail theft, while a person who receives little mail now and then will need a small wall mounted mailbox right next to their front door. The best mailbox should be durable and secure and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Why Is the Appearance of My Mailbox Important?

Mailbox curb appeal is crucial, especially if you plan to sell your house. That’s because buyers often form the first impression as soon as they see your mailbox. Thus, a negative feature, like a wobbly mailbox, can significantly affect the cost of your home.

Further, suppose potential buyers see your mailbox is damaged or neglected. In that case, they’ll assume that your home has other serious problems. On the flip side, if there’s evidence that you take pride in your home and your mailbox is in good condition, prospective buyers will be eager to see more.

In addition, because a mailbox sits at the end of a driveway, it’s one of the first things prospective buyers see when they view your house. If your mailbox makes a negative impression, potential buyers won’t bother viewing the inside of your home at all. However, if your mailbox and the surrounding area are appealing and well-maintained, prospective buyers will have a positive impression and will probably make an offer.  

What Makes a Good Mailbox?

Characteristics of a good mailbox include:

  • Color: A good mailbox should accent and complement your home’s style. It should be in a color that goes with everything, like black, white, or gray. For instance, classic black is one of the most common colors for mailboxes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose a mailbox with a pop of color that accents or matches your decor. To choose the right color for your mailbox, consider how it’ll function after installing it--a fancy little mailbox may be beautiful. Still, if it holds a few packages, you may have frequent trips to the postal office to pick up larger parcels or envelopes.
  • Durability: A good mailbox is made from durable materials like galvanized steel, aluminum, and plastic, which are long-lasting and rust-proof. Most mailboxes are made from steel because it’s more durable. Still, you can find budget-friendly models made from heavy-duty polyethylene. A few high-end mailboxes are made from copper and cast iron.
  • Size: Although mailboxes are available in many sizes, some dimensions are more popular than others, and community restrictions might apply. Thus, you should check with your local homeowners' association or building authority before buying a mailbox. 
    • Standard curbside: This type of mailbox is more common than other types, and it’s 6.5” wide by 18” deep with a height of 8.5”. It’ll hold many envelopes and a few small packages.
    • Large curbside: This type of mailbox is often found in rural routes. Since it’s a large mailbox, it’ll hold more packages, so mail carriers don’t have to drive up a long driveway to deliver mail. It’s 12” wide, 23.5” deep, and 15” high.
    • Wall-mounted mailboxes: These mailboxes are available in many sizes; some are big enough to hold a few small packages, while others are large enough to hold large packages. Again, building codes aren’t a factor here, but homeowner’s association rules may apply.
  • Security features and mail access: On busy streets, going into the street to pick up packages from your mailbox may endanger your life. If that is the case, consider buying a rear-open mailbox, which allows you to open the mailbox from the back to retrieve your mail. However, if mail theft is common in your neighborhood, consider getting a vault-type mailbox so that no one can access your mail.
  • Aesthetic: A mailbox is one of the first things passersby and visitors see when they approach your house; thus, your mailbox shouldn’t be wobbly or tilted to the side--it should be perfectly straight. Also, it must complement your home. If you opt for a wall-mounted mailbox, it must be level and in good condition. A rusty mailbox conveys you don’t care about your property’s curb appeal.

What Kind of Mailbox Styles Are Available?

There are many types of mailbox styles, including:

  • Traditional mailboxes: These are inspired by the good old times and are available in many designs. Traditional mailboxes are a perfect choice for modern homes, from scrolled silhouettes to classic post-mounted designs.
  • Contemporary mailboxes: Spruce your current apartment with a timeless, modern mailbox. These minimalist designs offer angular silhouettes and clean lines for a simplistic appeal.
  • Country mailboxes: Decorate the outdoors of your house with a curbside mailbox that features a country flair. These mailboxes are available in various colors, finishes, and styles to fit your sense of style.
  • Victorian mailboxes: There’s something stately about Victorian mailboxes. These mailboxes feature fancy details like decorative motifs, gentle curves, and scrolled arms to hold newspapers.

What Mailbox Will Give My Home a Modern Feel?

Wall-mount and traditional mailboxes will give your home a modern feel because these mailboxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Thus, they’re a perfect option for a modern home design because it’s easier to find one that suits your preference and style. 

A wall mounted mailbox is often installed by the front entrance of your house. These can range from plastic mailboxes, metal mailboxes, or stainless steel mailboxes, to withstand extreme environmental conditions and occasional wear and tear, making them cost-efficient options.

Where Should You Install Your Mailbox?

Here are some helpful tips to follow when installing your mailbox:

  • First, install your newmailbox 41 to 45 inches from the road surface to the point of mail entry or the bottom of the mailbox.
  • Install your mailbox 6 to 8 inches back from your curb. Contact your local postmaster for help if you don’t have an elevated curb.
  • Ensure your apartment or house number is on the mailbox.
  • If you install your mailbox on a different street from your apartment, put your full address on the mailbox.

What Additional Features Can You Add to Your Mailbox?

You can add the following features to an existing mailbox to personalize it:

  • Newspaper tube features: Most likely, you look forward to reading your magazines and daily newspapers, but no one enjoys reading a dirty, dripping wet, or muddy newspaper. Thus, adding a newspaper tube to your mailbox is an excellent idea. These hollow tubes are the perfect size for local newspapers and protect your newspapers and magazines from outdoor elements.  
  • Lights: Attaching lanterns, wall-mounted exterior lights, and lampposts to your mailbox is a great way to illuminate your exterior and keep your mail secure all the time. This improves your general safety and makes it easier for you to check your mail in the evenings and at night. To illuminate your mailbox, you should position an exterior wet-rated fixture near it. 
  • Locks: Adding a locking system to your mailbox is another excellent way to protect your incoming mail while you’re away. Some mailboxes have an in-built locking mechanism to keep your mail away from other people. Letter flaps and mail slots enable your post person to place your mail inside, and only you can unlock it to retrieve your mail. This is a fantastic feature for those who receive medicine and sensitive information in their mail and want to keep their deliveries secure.
  • Windows: Contemporary mailboxes often have window panels for decorative purposes. These designs range from clear front glass panels that allow you to check if you have incoming packages to front mail retrieval windows that slide up, allowing you to access your mail quickly. Thus, adding a window panel to your mailbox can offer you a peek at what’s inside.

How Should I Go About Choosing a Mailbox? What Do I Need to Factor Into My Decision?

After determining the best mailbox for your needs, you should also consider other factors like size and color to ensure the mailbox accents your apartment’s curb appeal. Here are other things to consider:

  • Weather conditions: Mailboxes are available in various colors to accommodate weather conditions. Some mailboxes might last longer in sunny conditions but rust once it rains, while others might not fare well in extreme heat conditions. So, it would help if you determined the types of mailboxes suit different weather conditions. For example, materials such as aluminum and steel fare well in rainy conditions if treated for water resistance. In contrast, brass requires a lot of maintenance to prevent moisture-induced patinas. Plastic mailboxes are an excellent choice for hot regions; however, stainless steel is ideal for rough weather, and costly steel and galvanized iron mailboxes are durable options.
  • Types of mailboxes: To buy the best mailbox, you must determine the best design that fits your needs. Here are various types of mailboxes that are available out there:
    • Wall-mounted mailbox: This type of mailbox attaches directly to the outside of a home and is often found in urban settings where a mail carrier makes deliveries on foot, and the houses are close together. Some pros of wall-mounted mailboxes include easy mail retrieval and they offer awning and overhang protection from other elements.
    • Post-mounted mailboxe: These mailboxes are freestanding and often sit along a curb or at the end of a driveway. These mailboxes are common in rural neighborhoods where mail comes by vehicle, and mail carriers aren’t allowed to leave their cars. Post-mounted mailboxes add character to your driveway as they’re available in many materials, colors, and styles.
    • Column-mounted mailboxes: These are a standard version of post-mounted mailboxes, and they often make a bold statement and last longer. These mailboxes also have higher chances of surviving plow damage during snowy winter periods, and they’re more formal than other mailboxes. 
    • Multi-family mailboxes: These mailboxes are available in various styles and shapes. Many business offices and apartments use these wall-recessed mailboxes, which have built-in directories. 
    • Mail vaults: These mailboxes are ideal for receiving package deliveries when you’re away from home. They offer peace of mind knowing your mail will no longer go missing and keep your packages and mail safe once they arrive. 
  • Mailbox materials: Based on your maintenance needs, climate, and location, consider the type of mailbox material that suits your needs best. Many options may suit your preferences, from resilient galvanized steel to lightweight aluminum.
    • Cast aluminum: Often, cast aluminum is more durable and heavier than traditional aluminum. In addition, it doesn’t rust easily like traditional aluminum; thus, it’s an excellent choice for damp weather conditions. Low-maintenance and long-lasting, cast aluminum withstands snow, rain, and extreme heat with no signs of damage.
    • Aluminum: This material is lightweight and durable. However, it’s wise to treat it for water resistance. Often, aluminum is ideal for milder climates and short-term use. However, it’s not suitable for rainy conditions because it’ll eventually rust unless you treat it.
    • Zinc iron: Coating iron with a protective zinc coating creates zinc galvanized iron, which is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Traditional iron often rusts when exposed to moisture. 
    • Brass: Brass is one of the highest-maintenance mailbox materials in this list because it requires a lot of care and upkeep to maintain its curb appeal. This material will may develop a patina after exposure to outdoor elements; thus, you’ll need to polish and shine it regularly. Still, it’s one of the most polished and elegant mailbox materials.
    • Galvanized steel: This is one of the best materials, especially if you’re looking for a durable mailbox. Since galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc, it’s corrosion-resistant. It can withstand moisture, except for salt water. Thus, if you have a beachside home, you should choose a mailbox made from stainless steel.
    • Stainless steel: This mailbox material rusts slower than other mailbox materials. Also, it’s heavy and highly durable. Despite its long-lasting ability, it’s crucial to powder the exterior and interior of your stainless steel mailbox to safeguard it from moisture and salty outdoor conditions. While stainless steel is a perfect option for oceanfront homes, avoid placing your stainless steel mailbox near a swimming pool because chlorine can damage its coating, making it rust.

Does My Mailbox Have to Be Approved by USPS?

These helpful mailbox guidelines apply when installing a curbside mailbox:

  • Before installing, replacing, or moving your mailbox or mailbox stand, you must contact your mail postmaster or mail carrier from a local Post Office.
  • All mailboxes must be approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • The postmaster approves custom-made mailboxes that meet established regulations.
  • Typically, mailboxes must be installed with the bottom of the mailbox at a vertical height of 41 to 45 inches from the road surface.

How Tall Should My Mailbox Stand?

Your mailbox height might be a low priority; however, rest assured that this is a crucial factor for your mail carrier. The USPS (United States Postal Service) official mail regulations stipulate a mailbox should be installed at a height ranging between 41 inches and 45 inches.

When measuring, note that this height measurement starts from the ground where your mailbox stand is placed, not the road. This assumes that your mailbox stand is on level ground. If your mailbox stands on the downside of a hill, consider that because that will lower the position of your mailbox. Also, take your measurement from the bottom of your mailbox’s door, where the hinge is. This is the standard mailbox height accessible from the mail carrier’s motor vehicle. If your mailbox stands too high or too low, it might force your mail carrier to open their door to deliver your mail. That may result in an unhappy mail carrier, and you want to keep those delivering your mail happy, right?

What’s the Best Material for a Mailbox?

Stainless steel and steel are the best and most durable materials for mailboxes. That’s because steel is resistant to rust, making it the best material for a mailbox. However, powder-coated cast aluminum is a popular and reliable material for mailboxes and posts. 

What’s the Best Color for a Mailbox?

Some colors are more popular than others, and the USPS has no guidelines on what color your mailbox should be. The most common colors are white, black, silver, gray, blue, and brown. The color of your mailbox doesn’t have to match the color of your house. However, if you opt for a bolder color than the ones mentioned, you should choose a color that either complements or matches the color of your house.

Here are some of the best colors for a mailbox:

  • Black: The best and most popular color for a mailbox is black. That’s because black is a neutral color that works perfectly with any color scheme or style. A black mailbox can blend well with modern home designs and work perfectly with traditional designs. 
  • White: Based on the style of mailbox you pick, white may add a rustic look to your home or add a beach vibe. But no matter the vibe you’re going for, a white mailbox will brighten things up.
  • Gray or silver: Gray or silver is suitable for mailboxes because these colors complement almost every color. Based on the style of mailbox you pick, gray or silver will give your apartment a modern appeal or add a traditional, simple look. 
  • Blue: Blue is a perfect color, especially if you want something different. This color pairs perfectly with various colors. Many shades of blue may complement elements in your backyard or your home.
  • Brown: This is also an excellent color for mailboxes because it blends perfectly with neutral shades of grass and trees, giving your home a rustic, woodsy feel. In addition, a brown mailbox will look great with traditional home designs because brown will add an antique vibe to your home.

However, while all the colors mentioned above are the best for a mailbox, most will agree that white or black is perhaps the best because it works perfectly with everything. 

What Are Some Ways to Spruce up My Existing Mailbox?

Sometimes minor changes can make a significant difference. For example, adding curb appeal to your property doesn’t require a lot of money. So here are some helpful guidelines to help you decorate your mailbox and add instant curb appeal even though you’re on a budget:

  • Clean your mailbox: Even a simple thing like cleaning the grime and dirt off your residential mailbox can make it more appealing. You only need a sponge and warm, soapy water to make an existing mailbox look brand new. Next, follow up with diluted vinegar to kill any potential fungus or mold growing on an old mailbox and preserve its finish for many years.
  • Repair and maintain your mailbox: First impressions are everything, so ensuring your mailbox is accessible, upright, and up to postal standards is essential for your reputation and your mail carrier. A sturdy, well-put-together residential mailbox can significantly affect the appearance of your exterior. Upkeep is crucial to the longevity of your residential mailbox.
  • Paint your mailbox: Whether you want a cohesive, soft mailbox design or something eye-catching, a few coats of paint can significantly change the appearance of your mailbox and your backyard. Adding a splash of color can make your home more welcoming, while dark colors give off a modern vibe with a hint of class and sophistication. 
  • Landscape: You can also spruce up an existing mailbox by planting flowers, pavers, and plants at the base of your residential mailbox to match your home landscaping or add a pop of color. Often, less is more, which makes hosta a perfect plant choice because it covers a ton of ground space and grows throughout the year.
  • Get mailbox covers: If you’re not handy, consider getting mailbox covers to add flair to your old mailbox. There are many decorative designs, and you can even change them if inspired. 
  • Remount wobbly mailbox posts: If your mailbox stand or post is unstable, you’ll have to put in some effort. Use a post level to ensure it stands straight when installing a new mailbox post. Bury the post at least 24 inches deep.

Further, spruce up your mailbox by opting for a finish in your favorite hue. From weathered metals and green color pops to vibrant shades of black and bronze, choosing the right mailbox finish can complement and accent your home’s exterior, boosting the curb appeal. The following mailbox finishes can help you spruce up your existing mailbox:

  • Hand-rubbed bronze: Give passersby and your guests a warm welcome by finishing and polishing your mailbox with hand-rubbed bronze. This vibrant hue is sophisticated because it’s striking and has a softer take on the most popular metallic tones. 
  • Verde green: This beautiful green finish exploits the natural beauty of the outdoors. From leafy greens to deep forest tones, Verde green allows you to add color contrast to your exterior. 
  • Oil-rubbed bronze: Do you like darker, deeper shades of bronze instead? Then polish your existing mailbox with oil-rubbed bronze. This finish has a chocolate appearance, blurring the metallic and black lines.
  • Black: Nothing makes your mailbox more stylish than a classic black finish because black goes with everything. Paint your post-mounted mailbox or a wall-mounted in black to add some contrast to your white exterior and elevate a traditional brick home. 
  • Stainless steel swirl: This is a patterned take on stainless steel with a hint of texture for some flair. This finish is ideal for contemporary home designs because its superb finish stands out subtly. 
  • Swedish silver: If you love the industrial style, you’ll appreciate this mailbox finish’s understated beauty. This powder-coated metal features a matte finish that’s charming and timeless. 

Sprucing up an existing mailbox is an incredible way to add curb appeal to your property, which is crucial, especially if you’re looking to sell your home. Even though you don’t plan to sell your house, a well-maintained mailbox and a tidy area will keep your neighbors happy and your mail dry. 

How Can I Express My Style Through My Home Accessories?

Finding the perfect balance between coziness, functionality, and style is daunting when accessorizing our homes. No matter how much money you spend on furniture, rooms always seem to need something and look different from the beautiful spaces we see in magazines.

Sometimes you can solve the situation with simple tricks that only take a few minutes of your time and don’t involve spending a lot of money. Here are a few tips that can help you showcase your sense of style through your home accessories:

  • Treat your front door the same as your indoors: Don’t overlook your front door, which is your home’s first impression, even though you live in an apartment building. Thus, treating your front door with the same attention as the interior is a brilliant way to add some flair to your home. For example, put something from the interior of your house on your front door (nothing precious, though), hang seasonal decorations or wreaths, or update your wall-mount mailbox or house number sign to add style to your front door. Plants are also great as long as they get adequate light.
  • Add planter boxes outside your house: You may want to decorate your windows with boxes full of flowers. With the perfect planter box, you can add style to the front of your house, windows, or other areas. This is a great landscaping tip for those without adequate space for planting a flower bed.
  • Don’t forget outdoor lighting: You can also harness outdoor lighting to add flair to your home. You can make your house stand out beautifully with the perfect lighting ideas. Consider adding pathway or walkway lighting in your backyard to spruce up your exterior. 

How Can Modern Aspect Help Me?

At Modern Aspect, we’re committed to helping our customers satisfy their quest for finding more modern home aesthetics. We focus on elevating your home’s curb appeal and helping you organize your home accessories to spotlight your current style.

Often, the front of your house is the first thing passersby and your guests see. Using our modern address planters, mailboxes, address plaques, and address yard signs, you can quickly spruce up your home’s exterior without needing to make significant architectural changes. 

Do you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal? Then, check out Modern Aspect wall-mounted mailboxes. We offer high-quality wall-mounted and post mailboxes that can help you add some pizzazz to your curb appeal. Our wall-mount mailboxes are available in various colors and fonts to help you pick the style you want. They also have magnetic numbers to minimize the hassle of hanging ordinary numbers in a straight line. Check out our amazing products today!

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